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45th Parallel Red Rife Straight Wheat Whiskey Review

45th Parallel Red Rife Straight Wheat Whiskey Review

Distilled in New Richmond, Wisconsin

45th Parallel launched in 2007

Age: 6+ years

Barrel manufacturer: McGinnis (Cuba, Missouri)

Barrel char: 3

Barrel size: 53 gallon with air-dried staves

Mashbill: 64% Red Fife Wheat, 13% corn, 13% malted barley

Red Fife is a heritage grain. 45th Parallel receives this wheat & corn from two farms that are local

Red Fife Wheat is a 100+ year old grain that isn’t modified in any way

Length of fermentation: 5 days

Proof coming off the still: 140s

Barrel entry proof: 117

Average cask strength proof: 122.75

Bottling proof: 96

Still type: pots with swollen necks

Still manufacturer: Carl (Germany)

Nose 👃: Wheat bread. Caramel. Plum.  Dark chocolate. Ripe banana. Brown sugar.

Palate 👅: Dark chocolate.  Orange zest. Vanilla. Ripe pear. Plum. Cinnamon. Thinnish mouthfeel. Dry.

Finish 🏁: Dark chocolate. Cinnamon. Honey.  Vanilla. Very long in length. Dry.

We’re all familiar with wheated bourbon, but actual wheat whiskey is far less common… giving us less opportunity to experiment a really good wheat whiskey.  I’m happy to report that I really enjoyed this wheat whiskey!  At 6+ years, it has a terrific nose and palate… and I think it’s absolutely worth your time and consideration.

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