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Armorik Breton Single Malt Whisky Double Maturation Review

Armorik Breton Single Malt Whisky Double Maturation Review

Distilled by: Warenghem

Origin: Lannion, Brittany, France

Imported by: Heavenly Spirits

Accolades: Top 20 Whiskies in 2018 from Whiskey Advocate (Ranked No. 6)

Best in Show Double Gold at 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Best European Single Malt per 2013 World Whiskies Awards

Armorik was founded in 1900.  They began blending whisky in 1987 and distilled France’s first single malt whisky in 1988.

Double distilled in copper pot stills

Mashbill: 100% Malted barley sourced from Brittany and France. 

Since 2015, Armorik has been working with organically sourced grains. Since 2020, all the grain used has been organic.

Armorik casks age in the unique maritime climate of Brittany’s northern coast: temperatures are mild all year round.

In this mild climate, the angels’ share is about 3% per year.

The whisky is classified as USDA Organic.

Cooperage: Initial aging in new charred oak from Brittany.  Second aging in sherry casks.

Proof: 92°

Non-chill filtered

Age: not stated

Color 👁️: Caramel

Nose 👃: Caramel.  Orange zest. Toffee.  Apple.  Raisin. Oak.

Palate 👅: Apple. Vanilla. Honey. Black cherry. Oak. Medium body.

Finish 🏁: Black cherry. Vanilla. Oak. Honey. Dry. Medium in length.

Overall thoughts?  Of two Armoriks I’ve sampled, this is my favorite. It has good balance. If you’re interested in single malt that isn’t Irish or Scottish… this is worth your time.

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