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Carpathian Single Malt Vradiano Review

Carpathian Single Malt Greek & Cypriot Wine Cask Collection Vradiano Review

Cask No. 4157

Bottled in 2023

Bottles produced: 405

Accolades: Best Single Cask Romanian Single Malt at 2024 World Whiskies Awards

Master Medal at 2023 Global Luxury Masters

Distilled in Otopeni, Romania

Distilled by Alexandrion Saber 1789 Distillery

Carpathian is the first Romanian single malt and began laying down whisky in 2017

Romania has more than 2,000 years of history of in wine production and is one of the biggest wine producers in the world.

Master Distiller: Allan Anderson

Mashbill: 100% Romanian malted barley

Double distilled in custom pot stills

Still manufacturer: Frilli of Italy

Initial maturation: 3 years in 53 gallon first-fill Kentucky bourbon barrels

Secondary maturation: approximately 1 year in 200 L oak Vradiano barrels (Greek wine)

Vradiano is a dark-skinned grape grown in Central Greece and in particular in the island of Evia

Proof coming off the still: 139

Barrel entry proof: 127

Bottling proof: 92

No added coloring

Non-chill filtered

Energy value: 77.4 kcal / 30ml

Nose 👃: Buttercream frosting. Caramel. Black cherry.  Almond. Dark chocolate.

Palate 👅: Black cherry. Vanilla. Raspberry. Cinnamon. Pear. Barrel char. Medium viscosity.

Finish 🏁:  Vanilla. Raspberry. Cinnamon. Barrel char. Very long finish that comes in two waves.

Did you know that Romanian single malt whisky existed?  Until recently… I certainly did not.

I find this to be an enjoyable single malt whiskey, but most importantly… I enjoy the unique wine cask maturation.  It seems that we see the same variety of wine casks used for whisky over and over again.  For this particular expression… We get to experience the impact of Greek Vradiano.

If you enjoy wine cask whisky… Carpathian is one you will want to explore.

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