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Clan Colla 7 Year Single Grain Irish Whiskey Review

Clan Colla 7 Year Single Grain Irish Whiskey Aged in Bourbon Barrels Finished in Panamanian Rum Barrels Review

Produced by Ahascragh Distillery

Clan Colla launched in 2021

The 7 year is the first release in the Family Bond Series.

The finishing rum cask held rum for 8 years.

Proof: 92°

Still type: Column

Non-chill filtered

No additives

Nose 👃: Ripe banana. Buttercream frosting. Mulling spices.

Palate 👅: Baking spices. Ripe banana. Vanilla. Dried apples. Pleasantly oily mouthfeel.  Sweet, but not cloying.

Finish 🏁: Ripe banana.  Snickerdoodle cookie. Vanilla. Medium in length.

Overall thoughts?  I lobe this sample… and I’d be thrilled to have a full bottle in my collection.  The rum cask finish just hits the spot for me.  The 7 year has excellent mouthfeel and loads of bold flavor.  If you’re looking for a new Irish to try… this is a good one!

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