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Cooperstown Select Straight Bourbon Review

Cooperstown Select Straight Bourbon Review

Mashbill: Corn, rye, oats, malted barley from a local farm

Barrel char: No. 3

Barrel manufacturer: Adirondack Barrel Co.

Barrel size: 15, 30, & 53 gallons

Age: 3-4 years

Proof off the still: 146-150°

Barrel entry proof: 110-112°

Bottling proof: 100°

Type of still: copper pot

Still manufacturer: Carl (Germany)

Nose 👃: Earthy. Dried cranberry. Orange zest.

Palate 👅: English toffee. Dark chocolate. Vanilla custard.  Brown sugar. Oak. Medium viscosity mouthfeel.

Finish 🏁: Baking spices. Black tea. Toffee.  Oak. Medium in length.

Overall thoughts?  I find this to be an enjoyable bourbon.  I’ll happily go back to this bottle.  I appreciate the blending of small barrels with traditional barrels to add complexity.

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