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Darroze Les Grande Assemblages 20 Year Armagnac Review

Darroze Les Grande Assemblages 20 Year Armagnac Review

Based in Roquefort, Darroze is a father and son team that began operation in the 1974. Today they have bottled over 250 Armagnacs which include 50 different vintages.

Darroze currently has a partnership with 30 different producers.

Darroze has been bottling since 1974, but only started blending in 2011.

No use of sugars, tannins or caramels to speed up the aging process.

Region: Bas Armagnac

Age: at least 20 years

Proof: 86°

Grape varietals: Ugni Blanc & Baco

Nose 👃: Mango. Raisins. Caramel. Tobacco. Almonds.

Palate 👅: Pear. Raisins. Red berries. Floral.  Rancio. Baking spices. Unsweetened cocoa powder. Full-bodied.

Finish 🏁: Black pepper. Baking spices. Medium in length. Dry.

Overall thoughts?  I’m loving it!  I enjoy cognac, but I strongly lean toward Armagnac… and this Darroze offering makes it awfully easy.  It’s balanced, complex, and delicious.

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