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FEW Spirits American Straight Whiskey Review

FEW Spirits American Straight Whiskey Review

Distilled in Evanston, Illinois

Accolades: Best American Blended at 2024 World Whiskies Awards

Blend of bourbon, rye, & malt whiskey heavily smoked with cherrywood

Length of fermentation: 3-4 days

MSRP: $49.99


Still manufacturer: Vendome and Kothe

Type of still: Column and hybrid

Proof coming off the still: 135

Barrel entry proof: 118

Age: NAS, all over 4 years

Proof: 93

Barrel manufacturer: Barrel Mill and ISC

Barrel char/toast level: Toast, No. 3char

Nose 👃: Molasses. Pear. Cherry. Vanilla. Orange zest.  Brown sugar.

Palate 👅: Brown sugar. Toffee. Coffee. Mint.  Black pepper. Nutmeg. Medium viscosity.

Finish 🏁: Smoke. Black pepper. Honey. Dark chocolate. Coffee. Long in length.

This is a highly unique profile that you’ve not experienced before.  I’ve now had two glasses of this, and I really like it.  If you are interested in unique blended American whiskey… This is one that you want to check out.  Blending is art… And this is just that.

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