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Old Elk Cigar Cut Island Blend Straight Whiskies Review

Old Elk Cigar Cut Island Blend Straight Whiskies Review

MSRP: $129.99

Blended by Old Elk’s Production Manager, Melinda Maddox

Proof: 111.7°

The blend:

  • 6 Year Old Old Elk high-malt bourbon

  • Sherry cask: 2 years

  • Port cask: 6-10 months

  • 6-year-old Old Elk rye

  • Rum cask: 6 months

  • 6-year-old Old Elk wheat

  • Sauternes cask: 6 months

Nose 👃: Dried cranberries. Buttered toffee. Baking spices. Vanilla. Blackberry jam. Oak.

Palate 👅: Blackberries. Plum. Leather. Orange zest. Honey. Green apple. Oak. Medium viscosity. Very dry mouthfeel.

Finish 🏁: Yellow raisins. Orange zest. Sauternes influence by way of tropical fruits. Oak. Very long in length. Very dry.

Overall thoughts?  You’ll love this!  As you’d expect with three finishes and three styles of whiskey… it’s a party of complexity.  The taste continually evolves in your mouth.  I enjoyed the first Cigar Cut, but Island Blend gets the slight edge for me.

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