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Roger Groult Calvados Pays D’Auge 3 Year Review

Roger Groult Calvados Pays D’Auge 3 Year Review

Distilled in Saint-Cyr-du-Ronceray, Normandy, France

Imported by PM Spirits

The Groult family has been producing Calvados since 1860


World’s Best Calvados at World Drinks Awards

Gold Medal at Concours Agricole

Appellation: Calvados Pays D’Auge

Distilled from 100% cider apples

Groult naturally ferments the cider for several months until the ABV is 5-7%

Double pot still distillation over wood fire

The stills are over 100 years old

First distillation is about 60 proof

Second distillation is about 140 proof

Age: at least 3 years

Aged & blended in Limousin oak casks

Groult blends with the perpetual method (solera) with the youngest vintage being 3 years old

Non-chill filtered

Proof: 80

Nose 👃: Apple. Honey. Caramel.  Brown sugar. Vanilla.  Pie crust.

Palate 👅: Crisp apple. Baking spices. Caramel. Vanilla frosting. Floral. Oily mouthfeel.

Finish 🏁: Mint. Brown sugar.  Baking spices. Caramel.  Dry.  Very long in length.

I love grape-based brandy, but apple is my preferred… and Calvados hits the spot.  This particular bottle is quite good to sip neat… as I typically judge all spirits.  The price seems to roam from $46-$65… making it an excellent bump for your favorite cocktail.  I’ll happily drink this neat, but will also enjoy in an occasional mixed drink.

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