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Spirit of Hven Hvenus Rye Review

Spirit of Hven Hvenus Rye Review

Distilled by: Spirits of Hven

Located in the island of Hven in Öresund, Sweden

Distilling since 2008

Master Distiller: Henric Molin

Still type: pot still

Batches are aerated and gently filtered before bottling

No charcoal filtration

No additives

Aged in American oak casks (Quercus Alba)

Proof: 91.2

Batch size: 42 casks

4 different mashbills go into each batch of 42 casks

Derived mashbill: 78.6% rye, 11.9% wheat, 4.8% corn, 4.8% barley

Age: NAS, but 3-6 years, partially in controlled climate warehouses

MSRP: around $70

Nose 👃: Vanilla. Cocoa powder. Nougat. Baking spices. Mint. Orange zest.

Palate 👅: Rye spice. Vanilla. Caramel. Cocoa powder. Molasses. Ginger. Cinnamon.

Finish 🏁: Black licorice. Vanilla. Molasses. Black pepper. Medium-long in length.

My initial interest in whiskey started with bourbon… and then moved to other American whiskey.  After America, I began taking an interest in world whiskies… bringing me to Sweden.

The nose is quite nice, but also light.  I was expecting a light palate to match, but I was rather met with a full-flavored array of complex flavor.  The oak is present, but not overpowering… allowing the sweet notes to shine.

I’ve been eyeing Spirit of Hven for awhile… and it was worth the wait.  This is delicious!  If you’re one who typically steers away from rye due to black pepper bombs… try this one!  If you love black pepper nukes… still give this a try simply because it’s unique and quality.

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